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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thank you, Mom

Mom, if you are reading this, thanks so much! We couldn't have done these past few days without you.

My mother came up on Monday and stayed with us until today. She cooked and cleaned and held the baby and walked Jake and kept us from getting too cranky (cranky, yes, but no punches thrown!). Ryan & I don't have any relatives in the same county, so it was especially appreciated that she made the 3 hour drive to be here for us.

I am typing this with one hand and holding sleeping Lauren with the other so I should go "sleep when the baby sleeps". Write more tomorrow...Love you Mommy!

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bertsmom said...

Not sure how this works..but it truly is a high point of my life ( and I have had lots of fun in it so far) to be able to help a little with our most extraordinary little girl. Just so you know, I really did ask you (Brie) if I could send photos to people before I did it and I was somewhat surprised that you agreed. So I am sorry about the miscommunication but to me, you are both beautiful. love, Mom