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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Lauren FAQ

Q: What color are her eyes?
A: Blue right now

Q: Have you posted pix anywhere?
A: I have not yet. My mother took 42 pictures both while I was having contractions and then 5 minutes after her birth, and then emailed them to her entire address book without clearing it with me first. I have my hair in knots, I look like crap and I would not have approved her sending them out, especially to people I've never even met before. She sent EVERY picture, not even deleting the worst ones where I look half drunk, etc. And no, she did not ask me. So those pictures are available and if you know my mom and email her, she will send you a link. And has probably done so already. I will not. But I will post some in a few days when I figure out where to upload them. Meanwhile if you're on my gmail list, you probably got one from me. If not email me there at my first name dot gmail dot com and I'll send you one.

Q:Who does she look more like?
A: Ryan, everyone says! She has his eyebrows, forehead, ears, and nose. And possibly my lips, chin and fingers. (Which would also be Grandpa Jimmy's lips, the "Betty chin" from my Grandma" and fingers like me & my Grammy). She also has blue eyes (right now, that could change though) like Grandpa Jimmy and long toes like Ryan's mom.

Q: How is Jake reacting?
A: He's been good! Curious about her but well behaved. It helps that my parents are paying extra attention to him and that I bought him his favorite dog food last week.

Q: How are you feeling?
A: All things considering, it was not so bad. I'm not recovering from a C-section nor stitches, so consider myself very lucky. And I have a lot of help around the house with Ryan taking the week off and my parents here. I do feel weak and have tired muscles but the worst looking thing is the bruises on my hands from the IV and blood draws. Epidurals are a wonderful thing, truly I didn't feel much pain for most of the birth.

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stud-horse said...

Thank your lucky stars you didn't get a c-section. I was amazed that you were up and walking around after only two days!