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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

2 suitors!

I'm going to keep with my friend Esteban's (not his real name) tradition of nor mentioning people by name w/o their permission. So on Monday, M. came to visit, bearing gifts, and was thrilled that Lauren did not cry when she held her. Then J. came over for dinner (pizza, thank you Dad!). Jake is especially fond of "Aunt J_" and was delighted to see her but disappointed that she, too, found Mommy's pink squeaky "human puppy" to be of interest.

Then yesterday morning, I. came over with her baby boy, who is only a few weeks older than Lauren, but was born smaller so they are now the same size. We have a few cute pictures of the 2 of them in their car seats side by side. I.'s baby wakes her up in the night every hour or two to eat, so she's told me I'm very lucky that Lauren only wakes up once so I have more rest.

Then later that afternoon, L. came over with her baby boy, "R." who is 9 months old now. We have some adorable pictures of the two of them meeting. Lauren actually reached out and touched him. We tease them that they will date when they are older, but now I don't know...I.'s baby could be competition! Two boyfriends for the little girl. ;)

But the BEST part about L. coming over is that it turns out she knows how to install car seats. She actually took a CLASS on how to do it! So she put both of ours in correctly for us last night, so now they are very snug and safe. Ryan has one in his car and I have one in my little 2 seat car, but I have a feeling we may switch cars from time to time. My car is nicer than his ordinarily, but for getting baby seats in and out, his might as well be a Rolls.

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