Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Funny Valentine

Lauren's been more polite lately, beginning her requests with "May I...?". She's decided on a self-imposed uniform for school. She insists on wearing red pants and a pink shirt. Luckily she has some pink shoes with red trim so it ties the outfit together somewhat. But she does look like a little Valentine. :) I'll post some pix one of these days...

Thursday, October 02, 2008

2 1/2 year old! A 30 month Lauren update

Lauren's got a new home-her "mouse house". We cleaned out the luggage closet under the stairs and I'm going to paint it pink. We bought the soy based fume-free paint and she picked out the color. We put a yoga mat in there and a pillow, and her pink hippo chair. She's got a nice view of the TV. My dad installed touch lights and he is going to put in shelves so that we can still keep some luggage in there, but it will be above her head.

She's come up with some funny lines and she's starting to embarass me with what she comes up with. At school when I dropped her off the day after she'd been sick, she announced to the teacher "I got diarrhea just like Mommy!" (and for the record, I was perfectly healthy.) The day before, she asked me what I was doing and I told her I was online checking to see if applesauce was okay for her tummy. She replied, "oh are you on"

Another time I told her to drop some plastic toy she'd put in her mouth and give it back to me. "Give, give!" I commanded her. "Why did you say that to me like that, Mommy?" "Because that's what you tell a dog with something in its mouth. Give." Then she burst into song to the tune of Elmo's "You'll Use the Potty" song: "You'll do it, you'll use the dog words!"

I watched Baby Laurel the other night and this disconcerted Lauren. She sat on the OTHER side of my lap and told me, "*I'm* your baby. *I*." But then, she continues to spread the untrue rumor that I have a baby in my tummy. Another little boy at Lauren's school told me that his mother is pregnant "and a little baby is going to come out and play with me". I haven't seen his mother for confirmation, but I wonder if it's true or if lots of 2 year olds like to make up this story. Or maybe that's where Lauren is getting her ideas from lately.

She is now one of the older kids in her class, since the potty trained 3 year olds moved up. She's taken on the role of comforting friend. To the point where, she likes to practice at home by commanding me: "you cry now, Mommy. I feel you better."