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Friday, April 14, 2006

Nonna Grammy

Q: Who is this "Nonnon" character?
A: My mother called her Italian grandmother "Non-non" (sp? I don't think they ever wrote it down) which is an affectionate way of saying Nonna, Italian for grandmother. So she wants to be called this herself now. I thought about it, and probably when I'm a grandmother, I will want to be called Grammy, because that is what I called mine.

BTW Nonnon is pronounced like French "non", not "non" like "non-fat". ;) And maybe it is Parmiagiana for grandmother, not Italian? By that I mean, the official Italian word is Nonna, but the dialect from Parma, where my family is from, may have it as Nonnon. So Monique, if you're reading this, email and let me know if it is.

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