Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Someone told me once that to tell how tall a child will be as an adult, take the 2 year height and double it. If this is true and if I measured correctly, Lauren will be at least 6 feet tall. She is 36 inches now. This is above 95th percentile for height. This means she'll be growing out of her carseat sooner than we thought. I'll have to have a conversation with her doctor about when she thinks we should switch. I thought she was tall but I didn't realize it had reached epic proportions.

But then again, maybe I just measured wrong. ;)

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Why? A 23 month Lauren update

Lauren will be 2 in one month, and already, she's discovered the word "why". And also the words "can't", "don't" and "won't". And complete sentences. She actually had a conversation with my mom on the last day of our NY trip that went something like this "I talk. Before, I didn't talk. But I do talk. I can." Today she looked deep into Ryan's eyes and said "Daddy, I love..."(Ryan's heart melted)..."Jake!"

This month, we were visiting my parents when their friend Gerry stopped by to visit. My mother asked his advice about her lemon tree. He was in the middle of telling her about which branches she should trim when he took a step backwards and fell right into the pool. Lauren witnessed the whole thing, including him drying off his cell phone and taking ribbing from his wife and friends. At bedtime she likes to talk about everything that's happened that day, and that night, she kept asking me to tell the story of "Gerry, oops, pool" over and over again. The next day, she asked if he could come back and fall in again.

She got jet lag earlier in the week and woke up at 5:00 a.m. saying, "Mama, I *can't* sleep, I just *can't*! I'm *not* tired. " Luckily, that only lasted one day.

She no longer dislikes hats, and adores the attention she gets when wearing one. She also likes to pull one down over her eyes, and we pretend that she's then invisible. She has figured out that the baby pictures of herself are not in fact, Mina, but are "Low yen", and she loves looking at "more Lowyen veedyo, please!"

Her favorite books these days are Clifford, Maisy, and the Arthur series. and anything Sesame Street. If you want to hear something funny, ask her who lives in the trash can.

I'll have to post about the NY trip in a separate post, but she got some new experiences-namely, snow and giant fun parties with loud, dramatic Italian relatives. Which somehow she was able to nap during!

2-21 Cookie for Breakfast

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