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Monday, April 24, 2006

technical difficulties

Something is wrong with our DSL. I don't know what, but last week I had to call SBC and they had me do all kinds of weird seemingly unrelated things (like verify my virus software was running in the system tray) and then reboot, and then re-login to the same page I set up my SBC account, and finally it was working again. Then it was out for another few days, during which we went out of town, then I was about to call them and though I'd try turning off the modem, then the computer, then waiting. I got distracted and when I turned everything on just now, voila, everything works again! But I wish I knew why it STOPPED working and how to prevent it.

Anyway, we went away this weekend, to the OC to visit Ryan's family, and then on to SD to visit mine. At Ryan's aunt's house, we took a few pictures and so did they. I have a silver camera, and so do they. I asked Ryan before we left, to please pack my camera and bring it out to the car. He thought he did but instead of putting my Nikon in the bag, he grabbed his aunt's Canon. We did not notice this until we got all the way to SD, and so we had to stop again on Sunday on the way back and switch. I don't think her Grandma minded much getting to see Lauren twice in one weekend!

While we were in SD, I did a little shopping at the outlets and got some good deals. Found some shoes for Ryan that were only $11.64! He wears the same kind of black Bass dress shoe until it wears out, and then buys an identical or similar replacement for around $90. This was in the 75% off clearance rack, and then I had a coupon for an extra 20% off that price. I also found a sun bonnet for Lauren at the Carters outlet for $3.21. She has some very cute hats she's received as gifts but her skull is so tiny that they cover her eyes. I wanted to make sure her head was covered at the wedding we'll be going to this coming weekend, since it's outside. She has fair skin like me and I can only assume, would sunburn if not protected.

I was trying to find a dress for myself to wear to this same wedding, but was unsucessful. The problem is, it needs to be able to button down or somehow have access for me to feed Lauren without getting completely undressed and naked. I'm probably going to have to sit in the car and do this in between the wedding and reception, and at other points in the evening. And also it's depressing buying a dress in a bigger size because, one can only hope, I will be a lot smaller in the coming months so I'd be spending a lot of money to only wear something once. (It's not the wedding of a family member, so it's not like I'll be in their album for eternity or anything.)

I'm not allowed to do any exercise until 6 weeks postpartum, which is in 2 1/2 more weeks. So until then, I still have the tummy that looks like I'm a few months pregnant. Do not want to draw attention to tummy, or have any strangers ask me when I'm due (though I doubt they will if I actually have Lauren in my arms). I may have to go with a skirt set in my closet that fits, but is a little more casual than I'd normally wear to a wedding. My rule is if I'd consider wearing it to work, it's not dressy enough for this kind of thing. (I can also wear jeans to work.)

While shopping, I did find some "yoga pants" at the Gap oulet, and a "Gap stretch" skirt, and a shirt with a zipper in front at Eddie Bauer. Also at Eddie Bauer, a linen dress in a big size that was so cheap ($12.99) that I don't mind if I only wear it a few times and HOPE I can only wear it a few times before it looks huge on me. ;)


Kelly said...

You'll lose the weight. It took my sister a good 6 months to lose her baby weight, but the breastfeeding helps the process along. And have fun wedding dress shopping. I'm doing that myself for a wedding next weekend. Its hard finding something that is dressy enough and doesn't cost a fortune. I know I won't wear it more than a few times, so I don't want to spend a ton of money.

digital janitor said...

As for the DSL issues, I had the same thing happen when I had DSL a few years back - restarting things often cured the problem, but it got annoying enough that I had them out to do a line test and they ended up replacing some of the wiring between my building and the pole. For what that's worth.