Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dodgers fan

It's been two months since I've posted and so much has happened that I feel overwhelmed to write it all. But here's one thing: we went to lots of Dodgers games, and Lauren has become quite the fan. She invented her own little cheers and decided to call Matt Kemp "Uncle Matt" as in, "Come on Uncle Matt, hit the ball! You can DO IT, Uncle Matt!". She can also recognize Russell Martin from photos, and recognizes Manny Ramirez but calls him "Manny Marirez". She calls where Manny will hit the ball, and points- "left field, Manny, hit it over there!" and if someone hits a foul ball into the stands, "hey, wrong way, hit it over THERE!"

As I type this, the Dodgers are playing the Phillies and she fell asleep watching the game. I thought of waking her up when Matt Kemp was at bat, but I resisted. She's had a rough week this week and really needs her rest. Okay, *I* need to her to get rest. So here's some other stuff, while the Phillies are at bat, that we have been up to:

Two weeks ago we were on vacation in The Outer Banks. My Uncle Fred and Aunt Marguerite rented a beach house and invited the three of us, along with my parents, and their children, who would be my cousins but to Lauren, "Uncle Charlie" and "Aunt Andrea" and Paul, Andrea's boyfriend. (Charlie ended up not being able to go.) We all had a great time, Lauren especially so, being the center of attention from lots of her favorite people at once. They took turns being her best friend, as in "best friend, look at me, best friend!". We were right on the beach and there was also a pool and hottub at the house. We saw Kitty Hawk and one day, I rented a bike & trailer and biked around the little down of Duck, NC, with Lauren in tow.

Anyway, it's been tough coming back. Lauren and Ryan got sick on the plane, then I caught it the next day. Not entirely, just fought it off all week. We've all been jet lagged, Lauren still is going to bed at around 7:00 and waking up at 6:00 a.m. Some days later. When Lauren went to the doctor, the day after we got back, she said it was just a cold. BTW, she weighed 43 pounds!

This week I'm sick again with a cough and no voice left. No fever though. Lauren also has a cough again tonight. But we're not terribly ill, no swine flu or anything. Just tired and coughy and cranky. Anyway, this blog post is not a carefully well-thought piece, more of a "there Mom, I wrote something, see!"