Tuesday, July 29, 2008

RIP Paco the Fish

After a short illness, Paco the Fish passed away this morning. His body is lying in state in his former home, a goldfish bowl, until funeral arrangements can be made. (Until I can flush it down the toilet). Lauren said bye-bye to him and was sad for about 1 minute and then came up with a cheerful thought-"now can we get a big dog?".

Saturday, July 26, 2008

We won!! We won!!

Yesterday, after a 5 hour deliberation, the jury came back with the plaintiff's verdict! I am sooooo happy! No, I'm not going to "get rich" over this but the jury voted for full reimbursement of past medical bills and lost wages and for another amount as well. I won't see the money for awhile, the attorneys have to meet and negotiate expenses, etc. and that meeting isn't until September. I am just so relieved. There is a lot more I want to say about this but I'd rather wait to comment more specifically until everything's resolved and the check is in hand. But if you're interested, ask me in person and I can elaborate.

Oh, but one detail-my lawyer was a friend from UCSD who works out of SF and this was his first trial! So it was especially exciting to be there for his first win. He's been practicing law for 4 years or so and his cases always settled before this, or he'd been assisting on trials but this was his first on his own and he did a great job!

I have to say, besides the lawyers, obviously, another guy who's really benefitted from the trial is my dry cleaner! I had to wear 5 suits all week and now they all have to get cleaned. Usually I can be in jeans all day, I don't have a "dry clean only" lifestyle these days!

More importantly, I have my life back. It is such a weight off my shoulders not to have to worry any more about this, and about testifying and all of the money we'd spent on this and all of the time it sucked up. I mean, I had to worry about things like "oh no, I have pink eye, what if it doesn't go away before the trial and makes a bad impression on the jury?".

And, I can go back to work again (I'm going to be in the office more now for meetings & things that Lauren's in school 3 mornings a week) and I will have more free time for seeing my friends. So, let's all get together again soon!!

Monday, July 21, 2008


Think good thoughts and send good vibes my way today, please! And for the next few days. I'll finally (cross fingers) be having the trial for that car accident 3 years ago. Just can't wait to get it over with. I am so so so so nervous about testifying and about everything. I'm realizing I don't like public speaking (duh! most people don't!) and I don't like public confrontation, so about the worst thing to imagine is having to defend myself on cross examination in front of a group of strangers judging me. Yeck! Can't I just text it in?


UPDATE: Got all dressed, went down there, and the trial couldn't proceed yet because not enough jurors had shown up today for jury duty! Grrrrrrrr..........save your good vibes for me until tomorrow, I'll need them all then!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

First Day of Sool

Lauren wants to go to "sool" every day. Above, pix from the first day. She loves carrying her lunchbag and making friends. I don't feel like typing about it right now b/c I'm tired but at least, you have some visuals.
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Friday, July 04, 2008

Please?Okay!: A 27 month Lauren update

What frequently happens when I write these monthly Lauren updates is that "the fans"(Ryan & my parents) tell me "oh she's been doing that since before this month. Which may be true, but if I haven't written about it before, it goes in that month. So here're some:

Lauren likes to demand/order things. "You will pick me up." "More pizza." "I want ice cream." I respond, "are you asking me?" (or sometimes just give her a raised eyebrow look) and then she says, fast and all in one breath, "Please?OKAY!" to answer for me.

She is saying absolutely everything, though she still has her Boston accent so other people have a hard time understanding some words. My parents were watching her and thought she was asking for "tacos! Please?OKAY" but she was really saying "crackers". She will tell me she wants to wear "Joss shut"and that means her Curious George shirt (see top picture in previous post). She has definite clothing/style preferences and if tired, tantrums if they're not met, such as when "Joss shut" is in the laundry. The yellow Beastie Boys T-shirt in the second picture was also her choosing. ("What are the boys' names, Mommy?") As was the pairing with my pearl necklace. (Real pearls that I only wear on special occasions but which Lauren would love to wear/ruin while, say, splashing in mud puddles)

She loves to have conversations, and wants to keep the dialog going even if she has to repeat herself or say "I don't know" or "I think about it" or "you tell me". "Daddy, do you know about rocks?". "Mommy, do you have a golf story?". She decided to become a cook when she grows up, but then changed her mind and said "doctor". Did not like it when I suggested she could be both, ("I don't have time"?)and switched back to being a cook.

She's very into pretend games now and she'll hand me, say a plastic cup, and say "this is penne pasta. I make it for you." or "this is cake. It's Daddy's birthday." She will say "My name is 'phia, my mom is Barbara..."and list off Sophia's family members. She still loves to sit in the driver's seat and pretend to drive the car, and one day she insisted she would really drive. I told her she was not old enough, and she said "I got my license, see?" and held up my parking wand for the garage at work!

She can count to about 18, say the alphabet (sometimes she gets stuck, though and says "ABCDEFGHIJK...we do it again!...ABCD..."), and recognize shapes. We were in my mother's bathtub and she said of the tiles, "these are squares" and they were. :) She's known her primary colors for awhile now but she asks me questions about the difference between teal and aqua.

She's given to bouts of declaring "I don't want to be little" and "no, no taking me!" when I try to pick her up against her will (usally for a diaper change). But if I don't carry her and she wants to be carried, she'll say "carries, please pleasey please Mamma. Hooooooooooold me" in a pitiful voice. Sometimes she'll shake her head furiously and say 'I'm NOT cute, I'm NOT." She likes to boss everyone around, and when we drive, she'll suddenly shout out "turn RIGHT. No, no, this way" and get indignant when we drive straight anyway. If you ask her her name, she will laugh and say "heiny!" or pretend to be someone else or say "you tell me!"

For transportation purposes, L prefers "carries" or if she must be in a stroller, "carseat" which is the Sit & Stroll. But minor miracle happened a few days ago. After months of shunning the bike, citing a fear of the helmet (we then got her a new Elmo one, which she would wear but still wouldn't get on the bike), she finally asked me to take her on a bike ride. We went on the bike path over to Noodles (baby & kids resale store) and she said we were "two ladies wearing helmets" and that she wanted an umbrella because there was so much wind, so she could fly like Mary Poppins. We also looked for ducks on the creek next to the bike path and when we found some, she said "thank you, Mommy, showing me ducks. Thank you taking me on the bike. You a good mommy. You my best friend." It was the prefect way to spend our last Monday morning together. Next week, she starts nursery school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.

Shirley Temple

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