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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

An Embarassement of Riches

The little girl has more clothes than we do! Probably more than both of her parents combined! She has over 60 outfits, most of them gifts or hand-me-downs from Alexa. Luckily, she was born small enough to fit in all of her size newborn clothes. They are all adorable, and the weird thing is that in all of the gifts we've received, no one's gotten her the same outfit.

My friend R. had a funny quote about his baby. He said "People at my office who wouldn't even give me 50 cents for the vending machine were buying my son clothes". It's true that all kinds of presents pour in from unexpected places. Yesterday my dad came home with an outfit for her from one of his employees who got a "granddaughter gift". And a friend of Ryan's aunt & mother got her an outfit and knitted her a blanket and cap. I have met the woman only once. It was nice of her to do.

Luckily, Ryan's cousin is having a baby in 2 months so she will get to inherit Lauren's newborn clothes. I am going to keep some of the very cutest things in case there is a little sister in a few years. (We are planning to have 2 children and space them 4-5 years apart if possible.) It will be tough deciding what to give away! But I will be excited to get rid of the large things like that rocker! (Not in time for the cousin, but maybe when K. has a baby?)

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Kelly said...

Am I K? Are you really going to ship the rocker all the way out here? LOL. My sister got a ton of clothes with both her babies. I think its because baby clothes are so cute and people love an excuse to shop for them.