Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sprouts Westwood Finally Opens!

Note, my card reader is broken so all of the beautiful photos I took of the place will have to wait, will edit and add later, but for now I wanted you to know in time to get there for the party... SPROUTS IS FINALLY OPENING IN WESTWOOD!  YAY!!!

Not all of my readers are local so bear with me while I explain how fabulous this place is!

First the Grand Opening info:

Wednesday May 1, 2013
Sprouts Farmers Market
1751 Westwood Blvd (near the intersection of Westwood Blvd and Santa Monica Blvd) in the old Ross building.

7:00 a.m. the festivities start, with drawings and giveaways and one-day deals like $1 bags of organic romaine, $1 bags of vanilla wafers, $1 for a dozen eggs, $1 big artichokes, etc.


-Big, spacious aisles with fresh clean produce and current products (I have never seen expired food on the shelves, they are great about checking that!  One of my pet peeves at a certain competitor store!)
-Really unbeatable prices, especially on produce (a few weeks ago they had navel oranges for 28 cents a pound!  organic apples for 50 cents a pound...I could go on and on...)
-Double sale Wednesdays (every Wednesday!) when twice as many things are on sale because the current and previous week's sales overlap
-Bulk spices, perfect for when I just need a bit of something or want to try something new.  I once spent 22 cents there on a small quantity of a spice.  It was great not to waste  a whole jar for one recipe.
-Bulk candy (and flour, nuts, beans and other less tempting fare) because sometimes if we were to buy the big bag, we'd *eat* the whole big bag!  William gets his cashews & yogurt covered pretzels every week from the bulk bins.
-Friendly, helpful, *empowered* employees!  I once mentioned at checkout that I had accidentally been overcharged by a few dollars for organic apples the last time.  The cashier apologized and deducted $4 from my bill.
-They have a $3 and under cheese section with smaller quantities of cheeses so you can try something new.  Lauren loves to pick out a cheese she has never heard of before when we're at Sprouts.
- They have free sample cups of coffee.  Mmmmm!
-They give you 5 cents per bag if you bring your own bags.  This last one is something little but since I do bring my own bags, it's nice to get a quarter back every time I shop.

Disclaimer: William and I shop at "Frouts" in Culver City every Wednesday (and the ones in San Diego in my college years when they were named Boney's and Henry's) and we've spent thousands of dollars there over the years.  But my disclaimer is that I was also invited to (okay, more like I begged them to come and they said yes!) their blogger event today where I got a tour of the store and received a bag of treats: coconut water, vitamin water, tortilla chips, salsa, vanilla wafers, BBQ chips, and dried apricots.  Yum!  But to be honest, even if all they had given me was the time of day, I would have still written glowingly and excitedly about their store opening.  So excited that I'm going back tomorrow with my friend who has never shopped there!!