Monday, April 28, 2008


Some not so good stuff has been happening lately. We found out, within 24 hours, that Ryan's car has a blown head gasket and will only last about another 6 months, and worse news about Jake. That bloody nose he had? Since I last wrote, he had to visit the emergency vet, then his regular vet, then back the next day for surgery on what they found to be a tumor. And then we found out yesterday that he has cancer, a kind called lymphangeo carcoma. The vet is pretty confident that he got all of the tumor, but still, we need to have him checked and x-rayed and make sure it didn't spread internally. We already spent $800 on the current tumor, on top of the $500 last month (when he threw up and we didn't know why, then $500 later we still didn't find out why). Then he might have to go on anti-cancer drugs or somesuch thing. We find out more at his 2 week checkup.

Anyway, the cancer is the worst news, the car is not good either but as my mom says "it's only money." Money which we seem to be giving away faster than we earn these days, but still, only money which we can always earn more of. I'm starting to fear, though, that our Jake days are limited. So I'm sure I have been spoiling him a little more lately. He's been so good throughout this. Even the vet's office commented on how sweet he'd been. If you don't know what I mean, ask Ryan to tell you the story of what Jake did when he picked him up from surgery a few years ago...

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MplsMel said...

I am so sorry to hear about Jake.