Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bloody Nose

Jake the dog has had a bloody nose for the past few days. What does this mean around my house? Lots and lots of laundry. Lauren woke up at 5:00 a.m. today (I know, fun) and when we went downstairs to play (so that Daddy could sleep longer), Jake jumped his bloody self onto the bed and managed to bleed on the blanket, comforter and top layer thingee...I don't know what they're called but we have the kind of comforter that's in two pieces. It has a thick layer and then a thinner one, kind of the thickness of a tablecloth, that you throw on top. Anyway, there is blood on every. single. layer. So in addition to getting ready today for the visit of Lawyer Dave (for the mediation hearing for my lawsuit), I will be doing lots and lots of laundry. The same items that were all freshly laundered two days ago due to the same bloody dog.

But it could be worse, at least I have a working dryer. A few days ago, Lauren shoved her plastic Mr. Noodle and Elmo figurines down the lint trap and then, luckily, told me about it right away or I shudder to think of the melted plastic mess that would have ensued. I spent an hour trying to fish them out with various kitchen utensils, then gave up and line-dried everything (or since we don't have a line, threw things over the railing.) Finally bent a hanger to get them out later in the day.

And yes, I do still also have a "real job" to do. In my "free time" between 12-2 a.m.

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