Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Lauren figures out the DVD player

Today I was on the phone with my lawyer, who called with some questions at the moment when Lauren & I were putting on her shoes to go outside & play. She said "outside, outside!" (which sounds like "outshyeed, outshyeed") and I told her "not now, I'm talking to Davey, we'll go outside in a few minutes". Then she got down, I thought she was reading her books or something, and I proceeded to talk to Dave while looking up dates in my calendar, phone #s, etc. So I wasn't given her much attention.

After I hung up, I looked over and found her sitting on the couch, watching Elmo! She had gone over, figured out how to turn everything on and hit play, and then climbed back on the couch and was sitting there watching by herself! I asked her about it and she was nonchalant. "Yeah, I turn it on."

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steve said...

She is now technologically more advanced than her father.