Friday, April 18, 2008

Record Breaking?

Tonight we went to the Padres game vs. the Rockies at the new Petco stadium, with my parents & aunt & uncle & cousin who were visiting from out of town. None of us had been there before. I don't usually get too excited over baseball except when the Yankees are in the World Series as usual, but this game was and I should say, *is* exciting because...we left before the game was over, got our money's worth and had seen 9 full innings. As I type this, they are going into the bottom of the 20TH INNING!! This is the 6th hour of the game! And again, I'm no baseball expert but from hearing the commenators, 21 innings is the record or at least the one of recent memory so this is kind of a big deal. I am the only one still awake in the house watching this as the others dropped off like flies. We'll see how long we all (me, and the Padres and Rockies) can last!

Oh, and for the other big news of the game that you won't read in the Sports section tomorrow, Lauren & I (she dancing the Twist on my shoulders) were on the Jumbo-tron!

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