Thursday, June 28, 2007

Something I'm trying not to think about

The Danes are going back to Europe in 2 days. They've been here this past year, and were also here from 2001-2002, when we became friends. I'm going to miss them so much, so I'm avoiding thinking about it. On one hand, I am thinking about it, how can I not? My house and car are filled with things Mona's generously given me. On the other hand, it's easier if I pretend they're not leaving. Mona's become my best friend and I see her every couple of days now. Our kids play together (or rather, her kids are abused by my kid who pulls their hair!) Lauren even invented some new names for her- "Monma" and "Mon ami".

Mona does not read this blog because I never got around to emailing her about it way back when it started (as a way for people who were calling me every few days to see if I had the baby yet when I was pregnant and overdue). Then we had discussed weird people on the internet and the fine line between sharing pictures of your kid and being sure no pedophiles or kidnappers or what have you could see. So I tried not to put pictures of her kids up too much (but there are a few "Lauren with her boyfriend" etc.) and never identified them by last name, etc. But it's been hard because so much of our lives this past year involved them. But you know, bloggers don't always write about their favorite things or the most important things. Some things near and dear to your heart, you keep close.

Anyway, thank you Mona for another of adventures and stories and laughter. If I think about it or write too much more I'll start to cry. So I leave you with this-have a safe journey home and we'll look forward to more good times together on skype and when we meet again soon in Europe!

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