Friday, June 22, 2007


Ick, I had my MRI tonight to rule out any lesions on my brain from the car accident, which could be what is causing the migraines I get every few months now. Or at least, I had the first part of the MRI. They had neglected to mention that I was also supposed to have a contrast MRI where they hook me up to an IV with a dye in it that is potentially harmful to babies, so I wouldn't be allowed to breastfeed for 48 hours afterwards. Also, the MRI took an hour and a half! I didn't eat dinner first and it started at 6:15. We got there at 5:45 didn't leave until almost 8:00.

I'm not claustrophobic, so I wasn't too worried about this in advance but man, it was hard to be completely motionless that whole time! I thought I was being still, until they told me they had to redo one of the scans. She thought I had fallen asleep and maybe coughed in my sleep (???) There are these weird clanging sounds and I felt like I was in college again listening to experimental electronic music for a class, or at least I tried to tell myself that's what it was. It was in 6/8 tempo. I was trying to relax but the whole time, I kept thinking about how dry my mouth was and how much I wanted to swallow. It was even worse than that feeling at the dentist when your mouth is propped open and filled with gauze and you're kind of gagging and thirsty.

Anyway, so I had to pass the time somehow in a very still way, so I counted to 200 and then backwards, and I tried to think of all of the Robert Frost poems I had memorized, and then all of the Indigo Girls song lyrics. Then I tried childhood memories but that is when I supposedly looked like i was asleep, and twitched, so i had to go back to counting.

Is this post boring? I know, not very exciting. But you have NO IDEA what boring is until you have to lie motionless for 1 hour and can't fall asleep or even wiggle your toes.

Anyway, I told them I would go back for the contrast MRI another time. When I have a little notice so I can save some milk for Lauren. I'm pumping right now as I type this. "Isn't she a little old for breastmilk, still?". Yes, but it's so much easier knowing that for at least 2 meals a day (when she first wakes up and when she goes to sleep), she is getting a balanced meal. I don't have to mix formula for her or make her take vitamins. And she likes it. I don't mind. But no way am I having her quit cold turkey just because of an MRI test I've waited 2 years to get. I can wait a little longer.

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