Friday, June 01, 2007

14 month Lauren update

I love this picture even though it's fuzzy, because it shows the blur of motion that Lauren has become these days. My mom is visiting right now and even though she just saw Lauren last week, she says she is "even more of a personality. It's like she's in every room in the house."

Now that she's walking, and also kind of running, she goes everywhere and "pips" things. Here's an example from a few days ago. She likes to go into my baking station in the kitchen and stack bags of chocolate chips. I let her do it, and just put it back later. Unbeknownst to me, she had grabbed an open box of Tapioca and was sprinkling it around the living room carpet. Ack! So I cleaned that up, and that made me thirsty so I went to the fridge for a soda. While I had the fridge door open, she reached around me and grabbed some eggs and smashed them. So I cleaned that up and set down the nearly empty soda can. She grabbed the can and ran into the living room with it. I then had to clean drops of Diet Coke from the white carpet. Phew!

Anyway, so she is on the move a lot. And she is delighted with herself for her new skills. She loves to climb backwards down the stairs, so when we leave the house, she walks, and then stops at each set of steps and climbs down them herself. She still has a very unique sense of humor. One thing she loves to do is to giggle really hard, make sure I'm watching her and then pretend to eat something inappropriate, like pieces of paper or Kleenex. When I go to take it out of her mouth, she reveals that she didn't really eat it and she just about falls over with the hilarity of it.

She still loves her books. Old favorites were "Baby Duck and the Cozy Blanket" and "Who's in the Sea" but now she needs more of a plot. She likes "My Truck is Stuck" and "Jack and the Beanstalk", and a "Thomas the Train" book. While reading her "touch and feel baby animals" book, I said "touch the baby bunny's tail" and she said "no, no, no, rabbit" and giggled. Then when I got to the parakeet, she corrected me with "bird". She also likes to point to the "duck", "ball", "bear" and "baby" in books.

She goes to story hour on Wednesday mornings now, since we can never seem to make the Tuesday evening one, and also since her 1 nap a day (down from 2) is later so she stays awake for the 10:30 reading. However, she conks out afterwards in the car seat on the way home.

Last night we tried her inflatible toddler ReadyBed on the floor next to ours. She LOVES the bed and plays on it and giggles and is thrilled to have it. She lasted until 1 a.m. and then she wa sin bed with us.

She loves to eat adult food, and earlier this week for the first time (on Ryan's birthday, congrats Ryan!) I ordered her first plate, all for her, from the children's brunch menu at Overland Cafe. She had 2 pancakes, a vegetarian "sausage" patty, and scrambled eggs. Last night my mom and I each had a glass of wine and she threw a pout because neither of us would give her a sip.

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Palace Fan thats a NEW Dad said...

Max loves Thomas, is it Thomas the train in America then because over in England it is Thomas the tank engine. Choo Choo

Might be a boy thing but he is really into Tractors at the moment.

Good to see Lauren is liking the books !!!

Brighter Schemata said...

you're right, i checked and it is Thomas the tank engine. i didn't realize it because it only mentions that on the cover; elsewhere, he's just called Thomas. Partly because she's not in a nursery school yet, we're not hip to fictional kid characters yet. a few months ago, someone had to explain to me who the wiggles were. not to mention, we cannot instantly recognize all of the disney princesses yet, like my friend with a 4-year old daughter can!

if you lived closer, i'd send max a tractor book-lauren has a really cool one she hardly ever looks at!