Sunday, June 03, 2007

the family that sneezes together...

lauren caught some kind of cold and on friday night (on the way back from barbara's birthday dinner at il fornaio in pasadena, yum!) she started a runny nose. she screamed in the car on the way home, and kept waking up screaming in the night. i thought maybe she had an ear infection. our thermometer is somehow stuck on metric, so i couldn't remember if 36.6 was a fever or not (it actually meant i didn't take her temp correctly, that's below normal.) saturday morning, brought her to the doctor where it was pronounced that her ears "look great" and she has a cold. she had a 101.5 fever. she then napped for 3 hours at home and i cancelled mona & peter & karen's visit.

the doctor told us we would probably catch the cold in a few days. and so today, lauren woke up smiling and not feverish, and i woke up with the sniffles. ryan is ok so far. i'm going to attempt a nap now. i can only nap productively if i'm sick. otherwise, it resets my body to wanting 8 hours of sleep and then it feels like the middle of the night when someone wakes me an hour later. but if i'm sick, it means an hour of not being aware that i feel yucky.

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