Sunday, June 17, 2007

cuteness discount

Because I'm so adorable, oops, I mean because *Lauren* is so adorable, we get the cuteness discount. On Tuesday at Farmer's Market, we got pink dahlias for $3 and a bunch of yellow ones for free, 8 pounds of tomatoes for $3 (I made soup and sauce), and the apron, she's pictured wearing, for free. We have become friendly with the woman who sews baby clothes, aprons, and quilts there. Since Lauren thinks hats are disposable, we give her quite a bit of business. She also makes these very unique bibs which she sells under the label "My Baby's Closet". They're big and pretty and made out of vintage chenile & lace and I love to put them on L. if she's wearing a fancy party dress when we're eating out. If you're at a baby shower with me, now you know what I'm giving.

I'll have to take a picture of one but that won't be soon because today I broke the camera in a really dumbass move. (No, not taking a self-portrait!) I somehow loaded the car in such a way that the camera was hanging out of the door while the strap to the camera case was on the floor and so it banged against the car and I didn't notice until I heard a strange sound when we were on the freeway. It got smashed up near the battery. If anyone has a Nikon E775 Coolpix and wants a free charger, memory card and 2 batteries, let me know. The case is pretty shredded, you don't want that. It may be fixable with duct tape or something but I've been wanting a new camera anyway. Now I'm on the hunt for one, so you can leave your suggestions in the comments section. Yes, I would love a Canon EOS 30D (I right-clicked to see what kind of camera Lori used for Lauren's portaits) or something high end, but my budget does not allow that. Plus I think something small & light in the $200 range would be more relaxing to take to the beach, etc. and not have to constantly worry about it getting stolen. Ideas? Bargains spotted? Anti-recommendations? Oh, and if you know a shop that gives a cuteness discount, do tell. :) Please comment.

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steve said...

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