Wednesday, June 27, 2007

MRI results

The neurologist's office called with the results of the MRI. My brain is normal but my sinsuses have some problems (that is not why they did the MRI, but they noticed it anyway) so they want me to have my primary care doctor review the findings and follow up with me. So of course, I have been googling sinitus and all of that stuff. I don't feel sick. Did any of you have this? What happened? Please comment or email me.


jenna! said...

I have sinusitus (I can never spell my issues) and it really isn't a big deal. For me its allergy related...all it meant is that there's a word for my nose being stuffy my whole life.

Since they're doing an MRI of your head, they're going to see all kinds of stuff. And, since the birth of your daughter you have had more colds/flus/ear infections/etc... than before, so that could be a factor in what they saw.

Don't worry about it but call/email me and we can talk about it.

markbe said...


Doctor diagnosed me with chronic sinusitis a few years ago. It isn't a matter of feeling sick so much as you'll feel a little worse when you do get sick, and you'll have a higher risk of sinus infection. Other than feeling more stuffed up when I get a cold or flu, it hasn't affected me at all.