Sunday, July 01, 2007

15 month Lauren update

Talking, talking, talking! She is saying so many things now. She loves the word "baby" and points out babies in stores, on packing, on books, etc. She will say "Grandpa's baby" and put out her arms if she wants to go to him. Here is a Laurenese dictionary"

Mama, Mom, Mamie. "Mama" if she wants milk, "Mom" if I walk in the door, and "Mamie" if she's being playful.

Milk ("Mi")

Baby ("I'm the baby", "Grandpa's baby". The other day she offered Ryan her milk and when he pretended to drink it, she said in a delighted voice, "big, BIG baby!". She also likes to say "Baby?" to my mom when she's not sure what something is, so she'll get the reply "No, that's not a baby, that's a ____"and sometimes she says "hey baby!" to say hi to someone she likes.

"Down", "Up","Jake" and "dog" ("dawg"), "book", "I'm done"-these are all perfectly clear.

"Cheese"(whe she wants to eat some or when posing for a photograph), "peas", and "please"-requires a trained ear to hear the diffference, but they're in context.

Green, yellow, blue, red, ("gee", "boo", "yayow")

bath ("ba")

"I'm good", when she is full "I'm done", "All done", etc.

"More" ("mo, mo!") as in "more grandpa!" "mo cheese!"

"duck", "hat", "ball", "hair", and the favorite, "ball". She looks for all of these things in books and announces them as she points to them.

"hot" and "ow"

"hi" and "bye-bye". she used to say them with a southern accent, now it sounds more valley girl. "buh-bye!". she uses it in friendly terms, and also dismissively if she wants someone to leave or is impatient to go.

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