Saturday, May 26, 2007

Emily & Amy

Emily & Amy are the names of a set of twins we know. Amy went from being my closest friend (geographically, she lived walking distance away) to moving out by Camarillo so we don't see her as often. :( And Emily lives in Orange County. But anyway, this post is not about them, it's about Lauren's dolls.
Amy is the pink doll above that Alex & Suzy gave Lauren for her birthday. She got her name because one day Lauren saw a family picture of me with 20 of my cousins. I named them for her and when I got to Amy, she repeated "Amy, Amy, Amy!" excitedly and carried the photo around the house chanting her name. So I suggested we name her doll Amy and she agreed.
Emily came from the UCLA Thrift store, where we make our charitable donations. We popped in to the store a few weeks ago to see what children's things they had and Lauren saw this dark haired doll in a miniature stroller and squealed with delight. She's at a young enough age that I can usually get away with letting her play with toys at the store but not take them home with her (she'll often lose interest before we leave anyway). But this time, she didn't get tired of pushing the doll stroller around and she really wanted to take her with us. So I bought her and we took her home.
I asked her what the doll's name was and she said what I though was "Emily". Then I said, "did you just say Emily?" and she replied "That's right". Talking to Lauren is really funny because she will have long monologues in Danish, or at least, we tell ourselves that it is Danish because it's not English (but Mona & Kristian can't understand her "Danish"). But then sometimes she has these moments of lucidity for a few sentences. She also talks like someone out of the 1950's. She likes to start phrases with "Say!" as in, "Say, what's this?". But she was very clear when discussing Amy & Emily's names.
So, Lauren, Emily and Amy are the 3 girls in our home. This means Jake and Ryan are finally outnumbered. And I'm sure they will not be the last dolls!
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