Thursday, September 25, 2008


This post will be boring to some of you (ahem, Steve) but those who are into crafts, should check out Impress's website. It is so inspiring, it makes me want to spend tons of money on their products and spend all day making handmade greeting cards or invitations. Seriously. The link I provided right back in the first sentence takes you straight to their page with examples of things you can do with shaped paper punches. I would love to have every single product they sell, and lately the pumpkin punches for Halloween look especially fun. I might even have to have some kind of party I can invite people to, just to have an excuse to make fun invitations.

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MplsMel said...

If you like stamped cards (I like them, and used to make cards, but I knit now) you should check out this site:

She's my old college roommate and I love some of her stuff. She sells on Etsy too and her cards are cheaper than buying from Hallmark.

Yeah, it's a plug for an old friend, but honestly I like her stuff.