Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pumpkin gathering, the roundabout way

This morning, Ryan & I decided we would take Lauren to a pumpkin patch. I remembered seeing one in the Valley last year when we got off on an exit by mistake so I tried to find it on . I found something off of 405 which turned out not to be it, we later realized the one we saw last year was probably off of 101. If anyone knows where this is, please comment. Anyway, the one we did go to was soooo not worth the drive. When we arrived, Lauren had fallen asleep in the car. So we each took turns watching her and scoping out the place. $5 for little bags of kettle corn, $4 admission to the "fun area", not to mention, pumpkins themselves were about $12 for the little ones, and up! Oh, and you couldn't pick a pumpkin where it was growing, to see the fields you had to get out your wallet yet again & pay for a train ride! Such a tourist trap. Luckily, Lauren's young enough not to know what we had intended to do with her Sunday afternoon, so we got back in the car and left.

I remembered that there was another pumpkin patch on 23rd and Wilshire, so we tried to go to that one, only it turned out to be not open yet for the season. So, instead we stopped at Co-Opportunity to pick up some groceries (rolled rye, Mona, for the bread!) . It was there that Lauren saw her little "punt-in", the price of which was not marked, but we figured, it was the Co-op so it would probably be cheap. Turns out, she selected an organic pie-pumpkin which cost $16.60. Thus making the tourist trap place ones look like a bargain. But I guess it was good that it's organic, because she began kissing the pumpkin as soon as it was in the cart. :)


jenna! said...

Dude, seriously, Lombardi's...its a total drive and I would recommend going when they open (9am if you go on a weekend any time during the day if you go during the week) but it was SO cool and good sized pumpkins are like $5; $12 for monster-don't-want-to-pick-it-up-out-of-the-cart pumpkins!

jenna! said...

oops, link to Lombardi's