Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fire update from my mom

From my mom's mass email 10 minutes ago:

A few minutes ago I realized from the chirping of the birds that they've all returned to the yard..that sound is even better than hearing the planes ovehead preparing to drop water and fire retardent. And finally the Santa Annas are gone even though the newscasters announced as such a bit sooner than we, in the midst of them, realized! We were very, very lucky that the fire burned the way it did. Of course, the story isn't the same for everyone. One positive thing ..turns out the breakin at a friend's we talked about was probably the National Guard checking for people staying behind in that neighborhood since their car was left in the driveway. (The screen was slit and nothing seems to be missing) The cleanup will take a long, long time but everyone has some experience with that and today in Alpine at least we are having the kind of day that makes people flock to California.

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jenna! said...

Awesome, glad to hear that everyone is safe.