Wednesday, October 24, 2007


We (me, Ryan, Lauren & Jake) are not near any fires & we're fine. If you ever hear of Sony Studios being in flames, then worry about us. Otherwise, we're sandwiched between 3 fire stations, the trucks from which are annoying, but the sirens are reassuring.

My parents, though, are in Alpine. The western part of their town has been evacuated. They sent me these 2 pictures, taken yesterday and tonight, of the view from their front yard:

Since the wind has changed direction, they're worried about the fire now jumping the freeway and heading towards them. I've been telling them for 3 days to come here, but now they can't without difficulty because so many roads are closed. They were going to drive out to El Centro and Palm Springs and then head west, but 8 East was closed. 5 North is closed. They would have to find some way of getting to 15 north, parts of which are closed. And the information on local road closures is very incomplete.

So, they're sticking it out at home. For now, they have power and they have internet access. The car is loaded up and ready to leave at any moment. My dad's friend Paul and his wife are out of town, but have a house near Rancho Bernardo. Their area was evacuated & apparently Paul got a call on his cell phone that his home was being burglarized but the alarm company was not allowed into the area to investigate. So I guess, good news, bad news. The house is still standing, but his stuff is looted!

It has been in the 90's here. Lauren is running around in only a diaper, except when we have to go out, and now I'm glad I didn't give away her entire summer wardrobe just yet. The air quality is very poor. LAUSD has canceled outdoor recess for its schools. We missed farmers' market because we didn't feel like making the trek. So, we've been cooped up inside and going a little stir crazy. Tomorrow I'll have to plan some kind of air-conditioned adventure...

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