Sunday, October 14, 2007

Paparazzi at Mr. Bones

Today we were at Mr. Bones pumpkin patch. We went with Alex & Jill and Laurel & Jill's sister Megan. While there, we saw a line of paparazzi at the fence (see top pic) and then we found out why! Alex Duffy was there with his family. Yes, THE Alex Duffy of The Alex Duffy show fame. We took some up close shots of him, his wife and child. Didn't get up the courage to ask for his autograph though.

Oh, and Mark Wahlberg and family were there, and also him and her, but I'm sure they were just there for Alex.
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Brighter Schemata said...

You can see alex, ryan, jill, megan, me, and joe (alex's sister in law) on someone else's flickr page where they wrote about the paparazzi