Friday, October 12, 2007

I am so bored!

Man, it is boring here at the moment! I finished a bunch of work this week and have no new assignments at the moment. I have a ton of things around the house I *should* be doing, but not feeling like doing them. Lauren is asleep, having an early nap. We were supposed to have friends over to play, but never heard back from them. So I kept Friday unscheduled, and now although the world is my oyster, I can't think of a thing to do. Well, I can't do anything anyway until she wakes up. I kind of want to cook something, but if she wakes up suddenly and I have half a recipe done, that will be impossible to finish. I think I'm all caught up on reading my friends' blogs. I guess I could do something work-related yet not work, like download new updates & software, clean out my spam, even do an online training class or two. But again, Lauren might wake up any time and then I'd have been interupted and feel resentful.

Usually when I am bored like this and can't think of anything good to do, I end up shopping. Dangerous for my wallet! Oh, last night we had a really funny exchange when Lauren took my wallet and I caught her looking through it going, "money? money?" (I had only a few dollars in there and no shiny coins.) So, I took it away and put it in my purse, on the table behind the couch, and then went back to emailing. I looked over a minute later and she had the wallet again! Me: "How did you get that?" Lauren: "I take it". Me: "Yeah, but how did you get up there and get it?" Lauren: "I no tell you!"

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