Monday, October 01, 2007

Muw-COO! A Lauren 18 month update

Yes, bored with English, Lauren has started creating her own language. Yesterday, she started calling milk, which she *can* pronounce perfectly, "Muw COOOOO". As in, "muw COOO, please!". She also announced to me, proudly, "My name is hip-hop!". She brought her new doll and informed me, "this is Nance." I don't know where she gets these things! And she can say "love you too" on the phone. She loves to have animated conversations on the phone with Papa and Nonna, complete with inflections and questions and prolonged good-byes.

She's also in a climbing phase, and a dancing phase. She likes to get on her "stage" and shuffle her feet around and do the happy dance. The stage is usually the plastic storage box where we keep Jake's dog food, but it can be any platform.

We took her to the San Gennaro festival yesterday, and the Greek festival a few weeks ago. She had a great time at both! She loves to be around people and out in public. Her favorite food is pizza, which she will request by name. But also, oddly, rice. Today when we went out to lunch, she asked for "wice, please" but she got an omelette instead.

She's up to some other interesting stuff as well, but I'm tired and don't feel like writing about it. May edit this post later. Certainly'll add a photo.

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