Saturday, January 27, 2007

2 more bite the dust

I posted previously about San Genaro closing their Culver City location. Tonight we decided to go out for pizza and encountered 2 more closures of favorite places. The Mann Culver movie theater which we enjoyed walking to, and Red Brick pizza, which was okay pizza, not as good as Victor Junior's or The Coop's, but still pretty good. And we liked the gelato and the televisions at every table. We think the new CPK nearby drove business away. Anyway, both Red Brick and Mann were closed and in both instances, we were just there a few days ago, no sign of impending doom. :(

We tried to go a pizza place on Motor, Mamma's, that we have always wanted to try, but then we remembered why we haven't when we couldn't get parking again, so ended up at Overland Cafe instead. It's been pouring rain here since this afternoon, so we couldn't walk from our place with the baby.

We decided to make a mental list of all of the local restaurants that we like(the ones still in business!) that we can walk to, and here it is: LA Dijionaise, The Coop, Victor Junior's, Versailles, Natalie Thai, Overland Cafe, the sushi place we can't think of the name of on Clarington, and that's all I can think of off the top of my head, will add more later!

Culver City has gotten

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stud-horse said...

It's time to open up "Brigitta's: A Family Restaurant"!