Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bye-bye Swamp Boy

When we were visiting my parents, Jake got to run around outside a lot. At some point, he came back smelling like he'd found a swamp to roll around in. Thus his new nickname-Stanky Swamp Boy. It was pretty bad. Imagine, if you will, some sweaty athlete running for miles in wet socks, then taking them off and stepping on an old damp towel in them, then petting Jake with them.

Well on Sunday, Ryan brought him to Petco to get groomed and most importantly, get his teeth brushed and his nails clipped. We can't clip his nails at home, too afraid of accidental bleeding. And he does not take well to tooth brushing. He came back SO CLEAN and SOFT. He is back to getting lots of affection from us. (as opposed to "Eww, Stanky, go away!".

The funny thing is, we call him our kitty boy-when his fur is soft, it really does feel like a cat's. And Lauren has a new word, "Bert" (she says "Buht"), my mother's cat. When Jake came back from the groomer and Lauren petted him, she squealed "Buht!". The other funny time she said "Buht" is in response to my mother's retorical question to her: "Who is the cutest baby in the world?".

The kid has great comic timing.

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stud-horse said...

Alexa's first word: "Bye-bye".

Alexa's second word: "Hi".

That's it so far.