Sunday, January 21, 2007


Some Laurenisms:

  • "Mamba" is the new word for "Mama"
  • "Uh-oh" whenever she spills or drops anything.
  • "Na na na" is Nonnon, and she says this whenever the phone rings since she talks to my mom on the phone several times a day.
  • "Nap" when she wants a nap. She used to say "Map", as in "Map, Mama, map!" but now it's "nap, Mamba, nap!"
  • "Git dat" for "get that", said to herself when she crawls towards something
  • "Jake" or "Juh...ACHE!" for Jake
  • "Buht" for Bert the cat
  • "Gee" for Grandpa
  • "Daddy", "Dad", or "My DAHdee" shouted for her Daddy
  • "boo" for "book" as in "Git dat boo, Gee"
  • "yes" "uh huh" "oh yeah" to affirm things. She said "yes" the other day when I asked if she wanted a cookie.
  • "hat". this one is in a very clear voice and we didn't teach her the word, she just picked up on it.
  • "shit" once in response to "do you have a poopy diaper?" (like "no, mamba, it's SHIT!) and she also said it again last night when I was at the front door with my arms full of packages plus her, and had to fumble for my keys, and dropped a bag.
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    stud-horse said...

    Alexa still only has two words:




    She never says "bye", always "bye-bye".