Monday, February 05, 2007


I haven't posted for awhile but guess what? I am FINALLY MOBILE! As in, I have a car again! Yay! It is just like our black car only 1 year newer, dark blue, and 4 doors. It is so great to be FREE to drive where I want, when I want. Not to mention, no more yoga-like moves getting into and out of the back seat of the 2 door car. I'm sure we will take that car eventually, but whenever possible, we'll use mine. Which means my old car has become Ryan's. Oh, and we sold the Taurus on Craig's list for an extremely cheap price to be nice to some poor person. So cheap that we paid more in sales tax on the blue car than we got selling the Taurus. But now it's someone else's problem!


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Congrats on the new wheels!

What kind of used piece of crap - I mean, what make and model of nice preowned vehicle did you purchase? Do we get to see a photo? Even just a headlight or something? C'mon, throw us a bone, or a hubcap.