Friday, January 12, 2007

My Favorite Baby Products

In helping a pregnant friend decide what to register for, I came up with a list of some of my favorite baby things that I've bought or gotten as gifts. Here they are, in no particular order. I'll update this as I think of more:

Baby Einstein Activity Center- She started using this a few months ago and has gotten so much use out of it. I put her in it every morning for about 20 minutes while I check email, and every time I need a few minutes to get the door, stir something on the stove, etc.

The Ultimate Baby Wrap-Great because it's easy to fold and carry with you, and can be used up to age 3

Carter's Snug Fit Socks-We just discovered these and they're saving our sock budget. Lauren hates wearing shoes, and views socks as disposable items to be kicked off. These actually stay on her feet.

Leapfrog Learning Table-The legs can come off and they can use it before they're able to stand. Now that she stands, she loves to play at it and go around each side doing the different activities.

Bathtub pillow-This is not a baby product at all, but something I had in the bathtub for myself and discovered by accident makes good padding for when Lauren couldn't quite sit up and would fall backwards in the bath.

Lap pads-These are little waterproof squares of cloth you put under the baby when you change her so if it's messy, you don't have to change the whole changing table pad. A good place to buy them is Marshalls.

Handysitt-With our small condo it's nice to save space by using this instead of a high chair, and it will work until she's 4 1/2 years old.

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stud-horse said...

Mine would have to be... either the Baby Einstein videos (her electronic babysitter), or our favorite boardbook, "Playtime With Rainbow Fish", which Alexa used to hate, but now she loves.