Friday, September 21, 2007

Jake update

He's currently being cut open. Poor guy! The vet is going to see if they are fatty tumors (normal, just how some dogs put on weight). If they are, great, no worries, they'll come out but that's all. If they look *different*, then he's going to send some tissue out to a $pathologist$ and they'll biopsy them and tell us what we're dealing with.

While he's unconcious, Jake will also have his teeth brushed and nails trimmed. When he comes home, he'll be wearing an Elizabethan collar and have stiches. He'll be on painkillers & antiobiotics, plus probiotics to counter the antis. My big worries are of course, cancer, but also that when he gets home, Lauren will be so excitd to see him that she'll hurt him. And that, as he did last time he had surgery, he will become obsessed with getting the collar off and will do nothing else but focus his energy on chewing, wiggling, maneuvering, until it is off! And then process to take out his stiches. :(

Think good thoughts for the little guy!

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jenna! said...

Poor guy! I hope he's ok!!