Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Jake, m'quake

Jake's having a problem. :( I have to bring him to the vet because he had a sort of lump on his chest, now I have to bring him in so they can drain fluid. We're going to go in a few minutes. I hope the little guy is okay. I feel really bad about it because all week various people have been telling me about the lump and I thought it was a different lump that he's had ever since we got him, which the vet said is a normal fatty tumor. This is different, and it scares me because it's by his heart. But the vet receptionist said they can just drain the water and it's usually not a big procedure. But, I'm nervous. And my wallet is scared as well! Wish us luck.

UPDATE: 12:30-He has to have surgery next week. It turns out he has 2 tumors, one on his chest and one on his back leg. He's getting it done next Monday. They'll look at the tumors and if they are just fatty tumors, that'll be good news. If they look fishy, they'll be biopsied. It will be approx. $1,000 for removal of the tumors, plus while he is anesthetized, they will brush his teeth and clip his nails. Imagine if they did that for humans? "Yes, while we removed your hernia, we did a root canal and gave you a pedicure."

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