Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Face that Launched a Thousand...



MplsMel said...

I totally understand your pain. I am just finishing up (keep your fingers crossed) sickness with one of the cats. I initially kicked myself for not noticing it earlier, but realized that I did the best I could. That and the fact that my wallet took a hit of a few thousand dollars when all is said and done. Ouch.

The things we do for our pets :).

Best wishes to Jake...hopefully the tumors are benign.

jenna! said...

How's Jake doing? How are you doing? How's your wallet doing?

Brighter Schemata said...

Surgery postponed because he threw up 6 times the day before! :(

We were at my parents' house and he ate who-knows-what and it didn't agree with him. Actually, I do have an idea what it was. Some pieces of steak bone with fat still on.

He'll get cut open later in the week. I'll update when we know more. Thanks for asking!