Friday, July 13, 2007

Conversations with Lauren

Today, we took Lauren to Toys R' Us to shop for a potty seat. Of course, we played with some toys as well. Pictured above, she is sitting in a $300 pink Corvette. Of it, she said "Whee!"I wanted to buy her one of those $1.29 bouncy balls every kid has. When I showed her some and asked her to pick a color, she said "Boo" and "Yayow". I asked her if she wanted blue or yellow, and she said "both, peas!". Since she said "please", she got both.

She's so funny lately, because she can follow conversations and comes up with responses when you didn't even know she was listening. Last week we were at my parents' house. In the middle of the night I was uncomfortable so took Lauren into a different guest room away from Ryan. I nursed Lauren in bed there and thought she was asleep. He came and found us and said "What happened to you guys, I got worried!". Me: "I just got hot so we came in here". Him: "What?" Me: "I was hot. That's all." Him: "What?" Lauren (popping off her nursing to talk): "HOT!" (like, "Gee, Dad, are you DEAF?") Him: "Hi Lauren!" Lauren: "Hi, Dad!"

Another conversation with her: Me: "What's your name?" Her: "Loy-yen" Me: "That's right, your name is Lauren! What's your nickname?" Her: "Ni-name!" Me: "You nickname is?" Her: "BABY Loy-yen!" Me: "Well, your nickname is "Pip". Her: "Pop, pep, peep, pap" (laughing) Me: "Pip is your nickname! What's your name?" Her (suddenly serious): "No names. No names."

We used to pretend she had really stinky feet and this made her laugh. Now, if we say the word stinky, or pretend to smell her feet, she wrinkles her nose like there's an odor. She calls it "tinky". And speaking of shoes, she is now size 6 wide. Last MONTH she was 4 1/2 wide! She has some size 5 and 5 1/2 T-strap shoes she never even got to wear.

We're picking up these new sandals that her Nonnon bought her, at Brooks Shoes for Kids tomorrow. She was also given another pair of Robeez, in 18-24 months with pink penguins on them. We gave her a choice of plain pink, pink dragonflies, off-white likes she already has, or these pink penguins. She picked them out, and even said "peas", so Nonnon bought them. She said "pen-gin" and pointed to the penguin. My mom had just read her a book about penguins that morning so she made the connection. I hope she still likes them in a few months when we put them on her. At first, I thought all of her 12-18 month Robeez were too small for her but it turns out it was just the 1 pair I washed, so she still has 2 other pair to use until she gets to these new bigger ones.

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