Wednesday, April 04, 2007

ophelia from hamlet

if you were to come to my house right now, the kitchen looks like the scene in hamlet when ophelia goes nuts. my mom took me to a play of this when i was very young and i remember being really scared by the character throwing plates and smashing things and screaming. the scene stuck with me. now i think that would be been a fun performance to do, for the actor! anyway, back to the present, and my kitchen-there is a broken smashed bottle of shiraz on the floor and spilled wine all over, and shards of glass everywhere. i was trying to find something to drink, not alcohol, just some soda or juice anyplace in the house, and was holding lauren while exploring the cabinets, when she reached out with her spidey arms and somehow swatted at a bottle of wine which was on top of the fridge (note to people who live with me: do not put wine there, put it in the wine rack where it belongs). the wine smashed and got all over the place. the shards of glass cut my foot and it bled.

and then i noticed, just before the crash smash, that some birthday wine i'd been given in march is missing. i'm bummed because kara always gives me nice wine, usually from local winery near her dad's house in oregon, and i didn't get to try the last bottle. the bottle that smashed is Two Buck Chuck.

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