Sunday, April 15, 2007

let there be light

i have not posted for a long time. a lot's been going on and probably the most interesting thing is that last week we had a windstorm with 55 mph winds that knocked out power for a few days. it was kind of cool at first, breaking out the candles and feeling like it was the 1980s, talking only on the corded phone. but then the melting food in the fridge started to worry me and i couldn't get some work projects done that i'd promised to do. i was also trapped in my garage because we of course have a power controlled gate, so i couldn't get my car out. i was the only car stuck in the garage, everyone else was stuck out so it created a parking problem on the street. ryan had to park a few blocks away and walk.

culver city still had power so it was not entirely dark in our neighborhood. lights from there shined our way and my bedroom window was still lit up. we are in a weird part of town where we have a culver city phone # and yet live in LA and get la services, but some of my neighbors who are in LA evidently have whichever power company culver city has, because there have been times when the guys around the corner have no power, and neither does culver city, but we are fine. anyway, they were unaffected but we went from thursday afternoon until friday at dinnertime without power.

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