Monday, April 23, 2007

living doll

This makes me so indescribably happy. I saw these Band-Aids at the store, and I bought them for Lauren. Every time I look at the box with this smiling Strawberry Shortcake, it hits me that she is really here. A living, breathing little person (ready to bump and scrape herself and get boo-boos!) See, since I was a little girl, young enough to have Strawberry Shortcake dolls of my own, I've wanted to be a mama. I had dozens of dolls that I mothered, and named, and carried around with me, and tucked in every night. Then there were all of the children I babysat for and cared for. I've always known, my whole life, that someday I would have my own baby and be someone's mother.

When I read friends' blogs where they say they have never wanted to have children, that is such a foreign concept to me. I can't imagine how they feel, because for me, wishing to someday have a baby was so natural for me, it's like wanting to go to bed at night when I'm tired, wanting to eat when I'm hungry. I have always wanted to someday have a child. It was not a decision, just an eventuality. And everything about raising my baby is so much easier because I want her and welcome her into my life. I welcome the lack of sleep, the pulling on my hair, the ruining of my possesions, the loss of free time, the poop I have to wipe up. It's all been worth it and the much more to come will be worth it to, to me.

So, comments please. Have you always/never wanted children? Or did you change your mind. And why?


steve said...

To each, his or her own.

Palace Fan thats a NEW Dad said...

Thanks for the comments on my site.

I have always wanted children. I'm 35 now and always wanted them when I was younger, my dad was 23 and my mum 19 when they had me and I relate and get on really well with both. I waited until I found the right person, done everything I wanted to do i.e. travel and also that we could "afford" a child.

Just trying to work out when No.2 should be coming along :-)