Sunday, April 15, 2007

memo to the crazy homeless guy by venice & bagley

To the crazy homeless guy from last week at the corner of venice & bagley:

Hello, you don't know me or my dog or my babysitter or baby but when we were all walking by you, you decided to throw a crust of bread at us, ostensibly for my dog but I did not know that was your intent. You then shouted obscenities at me when i drew his leash tighter so that he would not eat it. If I heard correctly, it was "what, you think i would poison your dog, crazy white b1tch?". You then proceeded to follow us for 2 blocks, shouting racial slurs and theats at us.

Anyway, thanks so much, for giving me that kick of adrenaline and rush of protective motherly hormones as I found myself walking briskly while trying to ignore you. And thanks for making a liar out me as I had just finished giving the new babysitter a tour of our neighborhood and telling her how safe I felt.

If it makes a difference to you, I wouldn't have let me dog eat a scrap of bread or of any other kind of food on the street from anyone, even if I knew them. He's on a very expensive but very effective prescription dog food regimen from the vet. And by calling me a crazy b1tch right from the start, that really made me want to change my mind and turn around to let my dog eat your discarded food.

and as for being white, i don't know if you were adopted into a family of color, but you seemed from the looks of your pale skin to be caucasian yourself. and i think, if you took any african american and their dog and put them in my situation, they would have reacted the same way. in other words, no one's dog wants your crust of gnawed on bread.

but maybe it's just me.

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The Redhead said...

Something similar to that happened to me last week in downtown Santa Cruz and I was pissed becuase even as this homeless dude is screaming at me I knew that if I whipped out the pepper spray or if I had a big dog that I unleashed on him, I would be the one ending up in trouble ("Local Lawyer Attacks Homeless Man"). It's not like he was crazy and thought I was a space alien or something. Grrr... it makes me so mad that someone would do that to someone who had a baby with them!