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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Million Dollar Doggie

Jake went to the vet today to get his teeth brushed (they have to do this under anesthesia), get his shots and get his nails clipped.  Ryan took him and he paid $347.72.  Wow.  This got me thinking about how, although we do love Jake very much and consider him to be priceless, there is an actual price if you consider all of the bills we've paid for him over the past 2 years.  So l looked for all of the receipts I could find in the "Jake folder" and I came up with a total, just of vet bills and not counting some dog food, toys, treats, and visits to the groomer.  That total is $2, 457.79.  I'm sure the figure is well over $3,000 adding in those expenses.  Also, there are receipts missing; I haven't kept every single one.
You can never explain to anyone the love of your pet.  It is truly a wonderful experience everyone should be able to have, but as you can see, not everyone can afford it.  Think carefully before you get a dog or cat because you will end up paying a lot for them.  You will do it gladly and without thinking twice about it, but your wallet will be much lighter for it.

1 comment:

jenna! said...

this is the *first* thing i warn people about when they're thinking about getting a dog when they've not had one before.

often people think i pay more because of my pup's former profession but i'd say in the last two years jane is behind jake on bills whereas dick is probably just a nose ahead.