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Friday, July 14, 2006

Lauren has a cold

Lauren's caught a cold. Took her to the doctor this morning and it was confirmed. But luckily, that's *all* it is, no ear infection, no bronchitis. She's still as happy and chattering as much as usual, but not eating as much, and she's breathing out of her mouth and making little gremlin sounds. They said she is too young to give any medicine to; she's only allowed to have Ocean saline spray in her nose and I'm supposed to run a cold humidifier. I bought the humidifier on the way home and guess where it was made? Hudson, New York! I never knew there was a Vick's division in Hudson.

Oh, and she is still off the charts for height and weight, weighing in at a hefty 16 pounds, 9 1/2 ounces, and measuring almost 2 foot 2 (she's 25 1/2 inches long).

Oh and back to the cold, the doctor thinks I will catch this in a few days, from Lauren breastfeeding (instead of the other way around, my breastfeeding is supposed to protect her by giving her my antibodies so she doesn't get sick!), and that Lauren will get worse before she gets better. She'll probably have a fever on Sunday or Monday. But she is still allowed to go in the pool at Nonnon and Grandpa's house, as long as she doesn't get her face wet. So that's good.


bertsmom said...

So how is Lauren doing? Is she feverish? And did you catch it from her?

Brighter Schemata said...

No fever, still has a runny nose. And I've been very healthy so far.