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Monday, July 03, 2006

Lauren, out and about

Lauren's had a busy and fun weekend around town. Saturday we just hung out around home but on Sunday night she went on a picnic in Manhattan Beach and got to see Mark and Kate again. Mark even held her and from what I hear, this is a special treat because he's a bit babyphobic. She liked his lap, though. Maybe it's because he's a fellow redhead (we don't know yet what color her hair will be but it looks reddish/auburn lately). There was live music, which she loves.

Then today, she went to Chatsworth to see Masooma and her family. Masooma's mom and sisters watched her while we went to lunch, and she was delighted to be there. (No matter which way you take that, the mom was also delighted to be watching her b/c she loves babies!) While we were out, Masooma bought her a new dress which is coral colored and very pretty. (And we had very good Greek food at Alexis restaurant in Northridge. Yum!)

Then on the way back, we stopped to visit Bhagwan & Swati & Paheli & Saransh. She was a big hit there, too. Lots of giggles today and no tears! She's asleep as I type this. Making new friends is fun but tiring!

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Jax said...

Alexis is the best Greek food ever! During my last pregnancy I kept dreaming of all their lovely food. I’m not sure if you met the owner, if you haven’t you must. She is fabulous, and if you are up for some wine she’ll come to your table and give you a mini wine tasting treat from some of the wines she picks up in Portugal every season.