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Monday, July 31, 2006

IQ Test

Tonight Ryan assembed the Baby Einstein Exersaucer or whatever they call it. It's like an IQ test for adults, to see if we can put it together. I failed the test, got frustrated and pouted. Ryan stepped in and finished the job. Seriously, the instructions were not in English. They were in Pictionary. :(

Anyway, it's done and Lauren likes it. Her little toes don't quite reach the ground yet in it but since she can sit up now, she can be in it. She spent a long time exploring the rings tonight, and pressing the buttons to make different sounds. She got this intense look of concentration on her face which her Daddy said makes her look like Grandpa (who was upstairs at that moment fixing the drier).

This past weekend Lauren had a great time with 2 of her boyfriends. On Saturday she hung out with "the European guy" (he is 3 weeks younger) and his family. They napped together and she played with his toys and slept in his pram. He didn't mind. It must be love. Then on Sunday, she went to the 1 year birthday party of "the older guy". He had another girlfriend there as well, and some other babies. It was a swimming party and Lauren got in the kiddie pool early on and stayed splashing for awhile. She was fearless and didn't mind getting wet. She was the only girl in the pool.

Wah, my cordless keyboard is crapping out on me so I'm going to end this painstakingly written post now. More later...

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