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Thursday, June 15, 2006

LOVE the new dishwasher!

LOVE the new dishwasher. It's great and such an improvement in
every way. I should have gotten one way sooner. And I don't even
know if it's the dishwasher itself that is so great or just that
ANYTHING would have been better than the piece of crap we had before.
The old one looked like it was installed in '81 when the condo was
new. It had been white once but faded to a dingy manila color. The
racks inside had rust on them. It didn't so much wash dishes as sort
of rinse and then heat them up and disinfect them along with any food
that happened to be stuck on.

The new one does what it is supposed to do and it designed
ergonimically and just makes sense, with lots of slots and baskets and
spots for real dishes & pots and pans. They come out sparkling clean
and I don't have to rewash them. The stainless steel face looks sleek
and modern and helps it look like we have a current updated kitchen.
We're hoping this will help resale value; meanwhile, it helps me be
happy not to have so much work prewashing!

Oh, it's a Maytag Quietseries 300 and they're about $499 at Home
Depot. We caught ours on sale for 10% off plus free delivery. Installation
was free--THANKS, DAD!

Again, though, I tend to have old things and then when I get brand new
ones, it's always a pleasant surprise at features designers have
thought up. After years of driving a 1985 BMW, I got a newer one from
the 90's that seems to me like heaven simply because it has features
like a button that rolls my window all the way up or down with one
touch, rather than holding my finger on it to complete the task. And
it has power locks with a REMOTE, something they didn't have in '85 so
it seems so novel and luxurious to me. What else? Oh, dual climate
control, back seats that fold down to put big things in the trunk, a
HEPA air filter, power mirrors...these things are probably standard on
most cars now but they're still little miracles to me.


digital janitor said...

I'm glad to hear you still dig your BMW. Have you been able to keep Ryan from stealing it?

Brighter Schemata said...

Heh, he wants a mini-Cooper. When we win the lottery, he'll get one!