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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Jake's lost love

A few weeks ago, a pointer puppy moved in next door. Bridget was
about 10 weeks old, brown fur and classic puppy spazziness. Jake was
curious about her, and then indignant-how dare a new dog move in to
HIS building?! He tried to feign indifference yet he ran to the door
whenever she walked by. She unabashedly pursued him. Every time she
came back from a walk, she stopped by his door to see if he was home.
Finally this weekend they played together, and it was LOVE.

Unfortunately, this same day, we learned that Bridget and her owner
were moving the NEXT day. So it was 24 hours of each dog pining for
the other, meeting briefly when outside at the same time, playing,
hugging and having a grand old time. Now Bridget will go to a house
with a backyard and more space to run. But will she think of Jake?
He will certainly miss her!

1 comment:

stud-horse said...

I'm not worried about Jake. He'll find another bitch. There are plenty of bitches out there for Jake.