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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Efficient police officers? Is it POSSIBLE?

I was so shocked today that I just had to post about this. I take Beverly Glen Blvd. to work and they are doing construction at Santa Monica Blvd. There have been signs warning about the upcoming month of delays. They also hired traffic officers to hand direct cars at the intersection. Today I was pleasantly surprised to see that everything was flowing even MORE smoothly than normal, in fact, I got to work in only 17 minutes. This is some kind of record considering it took over 5 minutes just to go the first 1/3 mile or so, well before the construction. Anyway, are these people doing their job well and controlling traffic efficiently?! It would appear so. Does this mean when the construction is over, it will go back to being bad? Or is it only moving fast because UCLA is out for the summer and less cars are heading that way in the first place.

Sadly, my route home is all screwed up because I can't make a right turn from Santa Monica to Beverly Glen now so I have to take Overland instead which takes longer.


stud-horse said...

It's nice to be a cop in the US. Being a cop somewhere else... why you just might lose your head!

stud-horse said...

Huh. The address got cut off. Here it is again: